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Customized Treatment for Professionals

Addiction can affect people from all walks of life, and those in high profile positions such as physicians, lawyers and other professionals often face tremendous pressure that can lead them to self-medicate. When your job carries a lot of responsibilities there can also be profound consequences if substance abuse turns to dependency. Professionals face their own unique issues when they become addicted and a program that is designed to meet their needs will be the best choice for treatment. Because they have high levels of training and education, professionals tend to develop similar coping styles so specialized treatment is necessary to address their problems. Our professionals program offers customized treatment for each individual so that their recovery plan will lead to success.

Professionals in fields like healthcare are often driven and ambitious, usually working long hours and sometimes sacrificing their physical and mental health for their job. Medical jobs are fast paced and require all of your attention and focus with little time for rest. Physicians and other medical professionals might feel overwhelmed by the demands of their career and turn to alcohol or drugs to help ease their stress. They also have easier access to addictive prescription medication which creates increased exposure and risk of developing a problem. A customized treatment program for medical professionals will address these issues so that they can continue working in the medical field and learn more effective coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of the workplace.

Other high profile jobs such as airline pilots, attorneys and business executives also include enormous responsibilities that can weigh on the people working in those positions. These professionals have an increased risk of addiction because they are some of the highest pressure jobs one can have. They also experience greater consequences for their substance abuse such as losing their license or receiving disciplinary action that affects their ability to continue working. Our treatment program helps professionals better understand and overcome the challenges that have caused them to become addicted and provides them with the tools they need to remain sober in their careers. In treatment, professionals can talk with qualified therapists and other patients in similar types of jobs who understand the struggles they face. Patients are also provided with preparation for returning to work as well as continued care so that they can thrive in the workplace without any danger of relapse.