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Holistic Treatment Program for Professionals

As a part of our professional’s recovery program we offer a number of therapeutic approaches that can be instrumental in healing and improving the overall health of our patients. Addressing mental health through therapy, although it is very important, is only one component of a person’s general well-being and happiness. Holistic therapies help to treat the whole individual including their physical, mental and spiritual health so that each patient can start to regain personal balance. Many studies show that the addition of holistic treatments works to dramatically improve success rates in recovery programs. Because people with addictions become so consumed by their substance abuse, they may neglect to take care of themselves on many different levels and these therapies help them reconnect with their health. Holistic approaches can be personalized based on each patient’s unique needs and what will help them the most in their treatment plan.

People who have struggled with addiction for a long time may be in poor physical health when they enter treatment. Their substance abuse can cause them to lose sleep, fail to eat properly, and neglect to exercise on a regular basis. The stress of their addiction can also take its toll on the body leading to health conditions, tension and pain. In order to rebuild a healthy body, patients in our treatment program will be provided with nutritional counseling and daily exercise which will also improve their mood. Eating enough healthy foods, getting the right vitamins and minerals and staying hydrated can all help patients feel better and more stable overall. Exercise is also important to help relieve stress, build endurance and boost confidence. Fitness activities that take place outside such as hiking can be a great way to experience nature while getting healthy.

One of the key components of recovery is establishing an inner spiritual life in whatever way feels comfortable for the patient. Spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation can help create a more peaceful and harmonious feeling that people need as they go through treatment. Meditative practices help to increase focus and clarity of mind while also decreasing intense emotional responses to situations. Getting in tune with your own spirituality and having a daily practice can help keep you on track with your sobriety even after treatment. Other holistic approaches such as massage and acupuncture can help to relieve stress and tension while restoring balance to an addict’s body after years of abuse. Our holistic options can help professionals learn to take better care of themselves in every aspect of their health.